Monday 23 February 2015

Annabelle Lipsies*

*Press Sample

annabelle lipsies cherry fruit punch review swatch

Ah yes, the tinted lip balm, the perfect marriage between color and protection. This type of product really appealed to me during my first forays into makeup and possibly even during high school if I had cared enough. Annabelle softly launched their Lipsies* ($4.95, 3.5g) a year or so ago and now they have made them permanent. Twelve fruity scented and pigmented lip balms are now joining the Annabelle line up.

annabelle lipsies cherry fruit punch review swatch

I love the fruity concept. It reminds me of scratch and sniff stickers, fruit scented markers and those other lip balms that were super popular in high school, except these pack more of a punch. These leave a glossy finish and give off a lot of color right away. However the application is sometimes a little patchy.

annabelle lipsies cherry fruit punch review swatch

Cherry and Fruit Punch smell like their names which can be a good or bad thing. I love the color Cherry but I'm not a huge fan of Cherry flavours. Though they claim to be tasteless,  there is a plastic after taste when applied. The scent and taste doesn't linger but it still isn't too pleasant.

annabelle lipsies cherry fruit punch review swatch

As a lip balm, these were too thin. I felt the need to pass the balm multiple times over my lips to get that balmy 'protected' feeling but the color builds up very quickly and catches on dry patches, especially Fruit Punch. 

If you're looking for a sheer tinted balm, this would not be it.  These are more suited as light weight pigmented lip colors. Super dry lipped individuals may not find this moisturizng enough but for everyday protection, these might be enough if you like the pigmentation and the scent/tastes.

Are tinted lip balms a must have for you? Tell me about your favorite.

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