Wednesday 25 February 2015

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Oil to Foam Cleanser*

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the face shop mango seed oil to foam cleanser review

Slowly, slowly the Korean cosmetics and skincare market has been creeping into the West and I'm fully ready to embrace this change. THEFACESHOP had recently opened a number of stores in mainstream malls, taking over Fruits and Passions, and I was more than ready to explore what they had  to offer. 

You are already aware that cleansing oils are a must in my makeup removal routine and the Asian varieties have so far been far superior to Western drugstore options. There are more than a few misses in the Asian market too, but my favorites have always come from Japanese brands. I had the opportunity to test a Korean option with THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Oil to Foam Cleanser* ($15CDN, 200ml).

I loved that the bottle came with a plastic pump lock which removed fears of travel-explosions. I've seen this in a number of Asian cleansers and it should be readily adopted by all pump bottle makers! 

the face shop mango seed oil to foam cleanser review

Strangely I didn't see a lot of oil blends in the formula and when pumped out, the liquid was thin, like water and not the usual viscous oil. The formula is supposed to be a 2-in-1 cleanser which combines a cleansing oil with a foam. When mixed with a little water, it lathered into a light foam.

the face shop mango seed oil to foam cleanser review

The instructions put up a little flag in my mind. It mentioned that 'point makeup', which means eye makeup, should be removed before use. I rely on my cleansing oils to remove all make up, even waterproof eye makeup, so this gave me some misgivings.

the face shop mango seed oil to foam cleanser review

I didn't follow the instructions and tried to see if it would remove all my foundation and my waterproof eyemakeup. Unfortunately it didn't. When I washed my face, it felt like a traditional foam cleanser but in a watery (but still substantial) format. My liner remained and some of the cream base I had used under my eyeshadow was smudged around my eyes. When I wiped my face with a towel, some light foundation marks were present. 

This formula delivered an almost squeaky clean feeling at the end. My face was clean (generally speaking...aside from the makeup) but as I tried to wash my makeup off multiple times, it started to dry out my skin. The mango seed line is supposed to be a moisturizing line. Considering that a lot of foam cleansers are sometimes drying, it's not surprising that this was as well, even though it had the featured ingredient in it. Using the rest of the line might be a better way to get the moisturizing effect.

If you are looking for a true 2-in-1, one step makeup remove and cleanser, this is not it. If you are looking for a foaming facial cleanser that gives a deep clean without makeup removing properties then this might be an option for you. 

Have you tried any products from THEFACESHOP?

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