Monday 9 February 2015

Obeying Instructions

I admit that I read through the first 50 Shades book with a bit of relish. The less than spectacular storyline made up for itself in over the top scenes of intimacy which kept a few of our knees clenched together while panting our way through the pages (Oh? Just me?).  There are even a few guys that have read the books (out of curiosity, they claim) and I know I've told David some of the more interesting details. Now that Make Up For Ever has released their 50 Shades of Grey make up sets, this whole experience begs the question, do you obey instructions

Not being one to let others lead the way, there are only a few times when I will submit. Letting someone else guide you to perfection is a game of trust and I'm more than willing to be led by expertise. So whether it be...putting together an IKEA table (minds out of the gutters, ladies :P) or following tutorials, saying "Yes, Sir" isn't always a bad thing. 

The Tease Me Lip Sets ($38) in Innocent (Nude Lip Trio) and Passionate* (Berry Lip Trio), and the Desire Me Blush Trio Set ($56) come with guides for how to perfect Anastasia's innocent yet sexy look. No joke...if there ever was a way to get Jamie Dornan (with beard please, none of this no-beard, business) into my bed...

Most of the time, I have my own way with a product but lately I've been 'obeying' the attached instruction guides and usually to great effect. Here the instructions explain how the head makeup artist on set used MUFE products to create her looks so you can mimic the aesthetic.

The blush trio was an instant yes, for me. At just a little over the regular price for three colors, you also get a travel sized Precision Brush set and velvet pouch (which I could take or leave). 

The Precision Brush fits perfect on my cheeks and the tapered chiseled edge makes sweeping and blending almost magical. 

With three different products from which to play, there are a number of looks you can create but the signature tutorial provided makes you screen ready without too much effort.

 Both of these sets have incredible value so I snapped them up right away even though I didn't really care for the movie promotional aspect. I also ended up receiving the Berry set as a PR sample. I didn't expect to find tutorial booklets inside but they were a welcomed little invitation to follow instructions. By following the lip instructions and the Highlighted Cheek look, I got the above results. Soo...have I teased you enough to make you desire these sets? *crowd groans*

Do you obey instructions?

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