Friday 20 February 2015

PSA: Delusions about Travel Palettes

Let's contemplate the premise that, "palettes are great for travel"
or if you will, 
Spot sees palette. 
Spot has vacation. 
Spot will bring palette on vacation. 
 Therefore, Spot must have palette.

Palette purchases are typically supported by at least one claim of their travel worthy properties. The idea that you can boil everything down into one compact option is enticing, but let's be realz guyz, in the subgenre of makeup called "palettes", I have been lying to myself in three ways. (Buzzfeed: and you could be too!!!)

1) Jenn travels.
Granted, I take time off work a few times a year. But the number of times I've gone anywhere other than my practically tattooed-on-my-arm flight plan of YYZ-YVR (Toronto to Vancouver) is significantly low. I'm sure the staff at Air Canada and Westjet can recognize my passport by now. The time I went on that amazing trip to who knows where? Last year. And before that? About three years previous. With the number of palettes I have you'd think I'd have toured the world twice by now.

2) Jenn can condense.
If my semi-frequent trips between Toronto and Vancouver count as travelling, then no efficiency of makeup is ever needed. If you've watched this video, you'll know that upon arrival at David's all my belongings are flung onto every possible surface; I don't exact try and cut down. Very rarely have I packed only one of anything. Quite the opposite, I typically bring lots of everything much to David's displeasure. No magic palette has yet to convert me from doing otherwise.

3) When Jenn travels, she uses makeup.
When I've actually "travelled",  I can count the number of vacations where I've utilized even 50% of the makeup I bring on one hand. "Vacations" are almost marathon sports. I haven't ever spend money to "relax" on a beach. If I'm not breaking a sweat trying to accomplish about 50 things in one day, my time in X city has been completely inefficient. Just joking, but you get the idea. Up early and out the door in record time to capitalize on as much as I can, I don't have time to care, and often don't care, about makeup. I've gone barefaced, or at least bare minimum. No palette is worth missing the small window of opportunity to beat the tourist rush.


So it seems that when it comes to palettes and makeup, I am dichotomous. Either I want everything with me, or I need all of five things to reach bare minimal public viewing safety. So really...I need to start thinking of some better excuses for any future palette purchases...this is a sad day indeed.

Have you been deceiving yourself as well?

Daily Zen: If you haven't heard already, Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. It's an end of an era guys.

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