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LUSH Yes Yes Yes Gift Set*

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lush yes gift set review

Some of my friends do not enjoy LUSH; the scents are overwhelming, the colors too bright, the prices too high. But when I tell them, that not only do I use these for myself, but I share them with David...well, sometimes they come around (that, and a bubble bar demonstration usually cinches the deal). As much as I love to use LUSH products on myself, they are also the perfect little things to share with my partner

So if you're considering trying LUSH or thinking of some good Valentine's options, there are a bunch of packaged gift sets ready to go. I chose the LUSH Yes Gift Set* ($45.95CDN) which contains an African Paradise Body Conditioner (45g), Silky Underwear Dusting Powder (60g), Prince Charming Shower Gel (100ml), The Kiss Lip Scrub (25g), and a Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar (50g). 

lush yes gift set review

 LUSH doesn't know it, but I've help sell many a massage bar to my friends, and a handful of bubble bars too. The massage bars smell wonderful, warm up amazingly and really allows your partner to give you that smooth massage. Whether it be in an intimate circumstance or because my muscles took one too many deadlifts, the massage bars are one of my favorite items from the brand. Its great that Yes Yes Yes contained one of the newest varieties. 

lush yes massage bar review

The Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar (full sized, $10.95) contains cocoa butter, almond oil and LUSH's Lust scent which smells like jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and rose. I mostly smell green tea and its so calming. I wouldn't say their massage bars absorb right away but it doesn't take long for the oils to sink in and one bar lasts for ages. If you're in a rush, a little dusting powder would be helpful (there's a Lust Dusting Powder btw if you want to layer your scents) but I've mostly used these before bed.

lush african paradise body condition the kiss lip scrub review

African Paradise Body Conditioner (45g, about $7.19 worth of product, full sized is 250g for $39.95) contains shea butter, fair trade moringa oil from Ghana, fair trade aloe from Kenya and has a scent of ylang ylang, vanilla and Kalahari melon oil. Massage onto the skin, rinse clean in the shower and you're good to go. You definitely feel like there's a layer of moisturizer on your skin and this works somewhat like the Nivea Body Milk but stronger.

The Kiss Lip Scrub (full sized $9.95) contains castor sugar, sea salt, and a sweet mandarin flavor. The scrub holds together really well and isn't coarse. It did a really good job at exfoliating my lips without tearing them to shreds. I've commented before that I don't see the point of paying for lip scrubs but this performed well and I didn't have to use a lot. Use this on dry lips since water will dissolve the sugar and salt. You can lick your lips after but I don't really like the taste (its got a generic candy-sweet flavor) and I don't like ingesting, basically, sugar so I rinse it off with water instead.

lush prince charming silky underwear review

Prince Charming Shower Gel (100ml, $9.95) has vanilla, pomegranate juice, marshmallow, and almond oil in a moisturizing formula. This shower gel comes around only every once in a while, so I'd pick it up now if you can. The scent is really juicy, the vanilla prevents it from being too sweet or sugary and it's got a sultry edge. It lathers really well and isn't drying.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder (full sized 60g, $7.95) has grated coco butter mixed into a cornstarch based powder. Kaolin helps absorb extra moisture and your skin is left dry, but soft, with a lingering jasmine and vetiver scent. You can even shake some into your sheets. I definitely smell the Vetiver when I waft it from the bottle.

I've figured out over the years that LUSH gift sets aren't priced to give you savings but they are created to give a good mix of options in small doses. This set covers you from the shower to bed with kissably soft lips for after that massage bar. Not a bad curation of items, LUSH, not bad at all. It's hard to choose a favorite. I love their massage bars, and I'm coming around to the idea of a lip scrub, but each of these products are equally good.

What are you thinking of getting for Valentine's Day?

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