Wednesday 4 February 2015

Ugly Nail Art*

*Press SampleMary Kay Paradise Calling Nail Polishes lagoon exotic orchid tropical mandarin

I haven't ever proclaimed to be adept at nail art and in fact, I've proclaimed quite the opposite. Doing my nails is still a flailing-in-the-dark type affair where I mismatch colors and lines come out crooked. Really, people should just take away all my nail polishes.

Mary Kay Paradise Calling Nail Polishes lagoon exotic orchid tropical mandarin

Confronted with the task of showing off the latest Mary Kay nail polishes, this was all I could come up with, an almost-ode to cartoon drawn olives. I feel weird even wearing this manicure in public *hangs head in shame* and they really clash with all my outfits... *slowly steps out of room to avoid questions about her nails* Jenn Fong, bringing nail design to new all time lows. I'm just going to stick to solid nails from now on.

mary kay paradise callling tropical mandarin nail polish swatch

Don't let this confused attempt at nail fashion detract from the polishes though. Individually each color (Lagoon, Exotic Orchid, Tropical Mandarin, $10CDN) from the Paradise Calling Collection* are easily trying to force us into summer. The wide flat brush makes application easy and two coats generally gets you even color. Tropical Mandarin is a little streaky to me though.

I'm sure someone out there is going to come up with a much better nail looks with these than I did. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at your own inadequacies. I'm sorry to have scarred your retinas once again.

Tell me about your ugly nail art.

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