Wednesday 20 August 2014

Some Stylin' People

Often tag posts ask for style icons. Often people cite Audrey. Often I don't know how to respond.

I use to have a giant girl boner for Kate Lanphear. I was all in girl crush love over her grungy designer rock style But lately she hasn't been as prevalent on my radar. Since I mostly read blogs instead of fashion spreads, I've finally given it a think and here are some of the people whose wardrobes inspire my own.

Andy Torres (Style Scrapbook): Amersterdam, Holland

Andy perfectly balances boyish and feminine style. She's an expert at making sportswear seem runway and her legs go for miles.

One of my very fashion savvy friends likened my style to Jane's. I was shocked and more than a little pleased. Though I'm nowhere near as wealthy as jane and don't have a storage center's worth of designer clothes or shoes, Jane and I share the same fashion cameleon tendencies. In general, I think I'm all over the place, In general, she always looks put together.

Alyssa Lau (Ordinary People): Calgary, Alberta

Minimalist monochromatic androgynous looks are a fave of mine and though I still haven't fully embraced them at work, I wish I had Alyssa's wardrobe and the ability to wear whatever I want.

Shini Park (Park & Cube): London England

There's something alternative but so ladylike about Shini. Her travel photos are awesome and her love for DIY gives me ideas for projects for when I, one day, will put on an artist's smock and dip-dying my own jeans.

So what I learned from this is, if you have long legs, you can basically make anything work.
Le Sigh.

Who are your style inspirations? Do you follow any of these bloggers?

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