Thursday 28 August 2014

Guest Post: Bright Summer Gradient Nails ft. Jayne

Meet Jayne, one of the bloggers who first encouraged me to start blogging! If her nail aren't the most enviable, then I'm not sure who's are.

Thank you Jenn for letting me hijack A Beautiful Zen for just one beautiful blog post! One thing you all don't get to see a lot of are Jenn's nails so pretend my hands are hers today. 

Since summer calls for bright, bold and more adventurous nail looks I thought Iíd try a neon gradient using my coveted Floss Gloss polishes in Con Limon, Wavepool and Lean followed by an awesome circle glitter polish from Rainbow Honey called Poffin Party. I created the gradient using my trusty makeup sponge in light tapping motions and pretty soon I had a summer-worthy manicure!

Thank you Jenn for letting me guest post and being your hands for the day!

Are you more wild with your makeup looks in the summer?


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