Friday 15 August 2014

Currently Reading

The Goldfinch (Pulizer Prize Award) - Donna Tartt
Because everyone seems to be reading her.

700+ pages usually scare me. I'm more than willing to commit to that length of a book but I wonder if plots can be tightened up a little to cut at least 100 pages or so. I've been curious about Tartt for a while and this has been an engaging read so far. The book opens by realizing that the main character is escaping something by disappearing in Europe. Cut back more than a few decades, you witness how he loses his mother in a bombing incident at a NYC museum and the real story begins from there. I'm curious to see how it all unfolds.

Prayers for Rain - Dennis Lehane
A few of the CBB ladies (heeey guuyyssss....) clued me into this author after my last "Currently Reading" post.

A great mystery read with snappy dialogue and really on point metaphors and descriptions Lehane has really delighted me with his style and I'm going back for more. Though at times I found the behaviours of the antagonist (described as a psychotic stalker who systematically drove his victims to their deaths) somewhat unbelievable, the story was punchy and entertaining enough for me to want more. 

The Wicked Girls - Alex Marwood
Another one of those "If you loved Gone Girl" books. Recommended to me by WengYee

Not an unjust comparison but I still find that hook misleading for most. Either way, you get a darker murder thriller here with a bit of 'running away from the past' and 'trying to do the right thing' thrown in. A good solid read with the right amount of edge to keep it on the lighter side for the squeamish but just meaty enough for those who like things a little more intense (but not too much).


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