Wednesday 6 August 2014

Picks from Mary Kay Fall 2014

Mail orders. Pioneers trekking across America in their wagons, placing orders in that single general store and waiting for their packages of twine, cloth and household goods to come in. When I see an Avon or Mary Kay catalogue, I almost feel transported to when people ordered things before they saw them in person and hoped for the best when went to the local post office to pick them up.

Well, if I could get pre-order every item in a seasonal release, try them out and then return what I didn't like, I would be spending a lot of time trying makeup and a lot of time at the post office waiting for packages. Thankfully, I got this small luxury with the new Mary Kay Autumn items coming mid-Aug. So here's the low-down on the things to skip and the things to pick up.

The Eye Color Palettes ($26) are quite awesome! Super blend-able and mostly all very pigmented. They are also amazingly buttery. If you like the color combination, I would consider picking one up (you might balk slightly at the $26 price but the quality really is there to justify it). However, I would totally pass on the Lip Shimmer ($18). The color isn't anything new and $18 is a bit pricey for this pretty but common shade. The Semi-Matte Lipsticks ($18) are very specific shades that aren't going to work for everyone. Smells like vanilla and are smooth going on but tacky when worn. Really wanted to like them but didn't really fall in love. You might want to skip these.

I'm surprised by how much I like these Nail Lacquers ($10). The flat faced brush applied the shades on very well and even a nail noob like me couldn't mess them up. One coat gets you really good covered.

The Little Gifts Hand Cream ($13) and Little Gifts Lip Balm set ($20 for the set of 3) all have vanilla based scents. There's vanilla berry, vanilla mint and just plain vanilla. I would really pass on the balm. I'm not a huge fan of squeeze tube balms and these sat heavily on the lips. The primary ingredient is petrolum so its basically a Vaseline base. However I would give the hand creams a chance. They absorb quite rapidly and smell warm and inviting.

My Picks: The eyeshadow palettes (esp. Emerald Noir), the hand creams and the nail polishes.

See anything you like?

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