Wednesday 13 August 2014

Makeup with Mrs. Doubtfire (A Tribute to Robin Williams)

For every evil step mom and awful adopted parent that exists, I'm sure there is also a Mrs. Doubtfire.  She may near-burn her boobies (yes boobies) while trying to cook, play air guitar while trying to clean and might chuck fruit at your boyfriend, but I'm sure more than a few of us wished we had a nanny like her.  If you watched closely, you'd also realize that not only are there parenting tips to be learned but she's also a makeup and skincare genius. 

Forget the fruit masks, the clay masks, and the aloe masks, we should all be going dairy. Nothing like a whipped cream topping to the face to really get that moisture locked in there. The new scent du jour isn't fruit ladies, it's butter and milk. Your masks serves double duty as the heaviest moisturizer your skin has ever felt and as it slowly melts off your face, you can even flavour your coffee with it. 

MMMMMM tasty.

Though we can only speculate as to how old Mrs. D is, those crows feet say "I've been around since the dawn of time". They didn't have outlets back then so that pulled back chignon is going to have to be ol' school (the, I'm prehistoric, type of ol' school) with some basic no-electricity-needed velcro rollers. 

And that enviable "I've been swinging my hips with the vacuum cleaner" flushed cheek look is very achievable. Forget first romances, housework is what really puts some color on the face so slap on that dark ruddy red cream blush and make sure it looks like a man has put it on for you, don't be shy.

To further play up your aging but youthful vigour, thin old lady lips are key. Cover up your ample lips with some concealer and BOOM, instant 20 years on your face. At her age, Mrs D's probably loosing collagen faster than her wrinkles are deepening, thin lips never looked so good.

Now, remember to wear this look with humor and some gold rim glass and you're on your way to becoming everyone's favorite household help!

Honestly if I'm ever going to fulfill my dreams of becoming a floral-apron wearing, heavy bottomed nanny, there is no one else I'd rather learn from.


My brother, of all people, gave me the idea for this post.

I don't follow celebrities and I'm not affected when famous people pass but Robin William's passing touched me and my brother in a surprising way. My brother and I watched Hook over and over on VHS. I remember watching Mrs Doubtfire with our cousins. When Patch Adams was on TV, I sat down and watched it with my dad. Though he play numerous funny characters, I also loved Robin as the murderers, the professors, and the doctors in his more serious films. The Genie will forever be one of my favorite Aladdin characters. 

Robin gave me, not only laughs, but shared memories with family and he was the first actor I really remembered 'knowing' as a child. I never met this man. I will never come to know him as a friend. But I will always have the memories he helped give to me and my loved ones. So here's to you, Mr. Williams. I know you're cracking everyone up wherever you are and I hope you've finally found some peace.
Do you remember watching Robin when you were little? Do you have a favorite movie of his?


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