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Viva Health Skincare*

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viva health skincare review amaze exfoliating get hyaluronic acid review

I've mentioned briefly that Viva Health Skincare* was kinda great. There are two amazing products in this line that you really have to try!
Formulated without parabens, SLS, GMO, artificial colors or fragrances, or animal derivatives, Viva is a Canadian company (out of Vancouver). They believe in natural skincare that is high quality and affordable.

viva health skincare pure hyaluronic acid review

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Eye and Face Serum* ($42CDN, 15ml) is 100% hyaluronic acid packaged in a small dropper bottle along with citrus oils and extract, and other hydrating ingredients. I've heard that hyaluronic acid is great for your skin but until I tried this stripped down formula where hyaluronic acid is the main stair, I knew nothing. When used, my skin is instantaneously plumped and softened. On dryer days, I do top it off with another cream but it works really well enough on its own and has completely convinced me about the greatness of hyaluronic acid.

viva health skincare amaze exfoliating gel review

Amaze Gel - Purifying and Exfoliating Gel ($60CDN, 60ml)
The name may seem gimmicky but after using it, I can see why it has this name. As the gel is massaged onto your dry face, it is replaced with white ball particles. Dude, that's your dead skin literally being exfoliated off in front of your eyes. I don't think you can deny those results...non-cornified/dead skin doesn't get removed and as you use it more and more (but please not more then 2x a week) you'll get less white particles since you'll have less dead skin.

It's formulated with gingseng, white tea, citrus extract and aloe vera to help with blackheads, rosacea, acne, and blocked pores while also minimizing visible age spots, scarring, and fine lines. This has been promising so far and has helped clear out some of my smaller clogged pores.

viva health skincare review age defying eye cream amaze concentrated anti-aging serum

Age Defying Eye Cream ($45CDN, 15ml) has apricot and jojoba oil, aloe, citrus extract and acids, green tea and cucumber in it. It is supposed to give a dramatic lifting effect, calm and tighten skin and deeply hydrate. The thicker formula is good for those with dryness around the eye area. It doesn't give a tightening feeling like I've felt with other eye creams and I haven't seen much results just yet. 

Amaze Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum ($54CDN, 30ml) is a lightweight serum that you can use after the Hyaluronic Acid. Sometimes I mixed the two together and put them on at once but they seem to absorb better when used separately. It is supposed to reduce fine lines, age spots, sunspots and deep wrinkles. I don't have many of these issues so I haven't seen any real results just yet but the serum is comfortable to use and there's a nice scent to it. I like that it doesn't clog my skin.  

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Of the things I've tried, I really recommend the Pure Hyaluronic Acid and the Amaze Gel. If you're in Toronto, you can find Viva Health Skincare items at Noah's and some other places. If you're in Vancouver, they're sold in a couple of places as well. Check their website to see the closest location they're easier to find that you'd think.

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