Friday 24 April 2015

Smelling Like "Sexy Man"

I've been on the hunt for the perfect men's perfume, something a little deeper, a little sultry and a little unexpected. A scent that makes a person want to give me another sniff or two. You know, that feeling when you want to sniff down a really good looking and smelling guy.

The hunt started off by realizing that most of my partners have worn a scent (David though, does not). There was Dior's Fahrenheit, a Woody Floral, that had base notes of leather, tonka, vetiver and amber and Pi by Givenchy, an Oriental Woody scent that contains base notes of tonka, vanilla, almond and cedar. Another partner didn't wear a fragrance but somehow Irish Springs soap clung to him after showers and it was phenomenal. According to better noses than mine, Irish Springs is most likely a White Floral with some wood, leather and soapy notes.

I love how deep and intoxicating men's cologne can be but as much as I liked them,  I wasn't going to buy any of my old partner's choices. How creepy... Exploring them again though, revealed my preference for tonka, leather and vanilla and that my current selections didn't quite capture that lusty sort of feeling certain perfumes can induce. My existing choices often make me feel classic, or elegant, maybe light or alternative but not seductive. So, the search began for a unisex or men's perfume that was just right for me to wear, a sexy man perfume that isn't too sexy man. 

The hunt ended up in the usual places. I gather an impressive number of samples from Holts, The Bay, Sephora, Guerlain and Hermes (who both give 3-4ml samples! That a lot of perfume) and took down some suggestions from Larie and Sunny when I pitched the idea onto the internets via Twitter.

Honestly, I haven't come to any conclusions yet but from multiple days of smelling and spritzing I've landed firmly in the Oriental Woody zone. A few choices have given me headaches or haven't quite lasted the day but a few others have been promising. I'll keep you guys updated when I've finally settled.

Do you have any unisex or men's perfume suggestions? 

Daily Zen: My favorite animal is the frog and I am SERIOUSLY losing my shit over this one. ITS SO AWESOME!!!

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