Tuesday 28 April 2015

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

ben nye neutral set review

There are more than a few times when I've left a product unloved because it was finicky. The Ben Nye Classic Translucent Powder in Neutral Set was one such item. Supposedly a great transparent setting powder, the mini tub bought during IMATS was awful to dispense and I always got more or less powder than I actually needed. This was on my blog sale for a while but I realized I knew how to fix broken powder products. 

I had an empty MAC Careblend Compact and some rubbing alcohol on hand so I pressed the Neutral Set into the pan. This was a MUCH more effect dispensing mechanism than the crappy huge holed, tiny mouthed tub the powder first came in (somehow I can't actually find my tub and I think its in Vancouver somewhere so here's a random photo of it).

ben nye neutral set review

Granted, it`s not the most professional reformulation attempt. The powder comes away at the edges of the pan and if I dropped this thing, I may as well find a vacuum. When I use my brush on it, there's a powder trail and lots of product gets kicked up. Not much different than when I had to pour it into the little tub cap which was much smaller than my brush. Even so, I thought the Neutral Set was going to remain unused, so I`m glad I Mcgyvered this "solution" instead.

ben nye neutral set review

For those curious, this setting powder does the job but I wouldn't say it was completely transparent. Going in with a heavy hand and forgetting to blend can pale your foundation a shade but in general, it's a nice soft matte finish which will set your cream products. It isn`t meant to control oil so heavily oily individuals might want to look elsewhere but for the rest of us, this would probably do the trick. I'm not completely in love but it doesn't hurt that I got it for $5 at IMATS.

When have you changed a products format to make it work better for you?

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