Saturday 11 April 2015

PSA: Blue Lips

Look, we all can't live like the little pixies we hope and dream we will be. Makeup artists live up their creations in magazine editorials but those magical green eyebrows and neon glossy pink lids will just bring ruin to society. What? People wearing non-natural colors in non-natural places? Let's just all paint our nipples purple and dip dye our faces  while we're at it. I'm sure we'd fit right into The Capitol and we know how that society turned out didn't we. 

But you know what, sometimes I just want to wear blue lipstick damn it. And sacrificing children during murderous annual games be damned, I will! If we're being serious, I look almost alien, which, isn't the worst of things. 

I will hazard the demise of society and at least my local traffic pattern by trying out a few more extreme colors now and then, when I have the guts to step out of the door. I don't see why all the fun can only be had on the printed or digital page. Granted I've only worn this look (in a more sophisticated way than shown here with golden powder in the centre and ombred liner on the edge for dimention) to IMATS, a more appropriate venue to flaunt crazy colors, but the fear of being judged was almost eliminated when a random guy on the street said, awed, "Those lips are CRAZY!" I clarified with him, "Crazy bad? Or cazy good?" to which he responded in the positive. 

So there you go, blue lips, turning heads, and stopping boys. I suggest we all disrupt the norm a little and give this a go.

Would you, could you?

Daily Zen: Is there any place on Earth left to explore? And did you know there's an exclusive Explorer Club? They just had their annual fancy-do a couple of weeks ago.


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