Wednesday 1 April 2015

Dave Lackie's Dior VIP Dinner Recap

If you have heard already, Dave Lackie is the modern day male equivalent of a make-up and beauty bestowing tooth fairy. Beauty Editor and frequent contributor to Cityline, Dave is constantly giving away prizes and seats to amazing events, and has quite a following on Twitter. Often cited as 'the nicest man ever!', "so awesome" and "the best!", he is a genteel host but also a bit of a man of mystery. 

I often enter his twitter gift giveaways but secretly hoped to win a seat at the extravagant VIP dinners he puts on (to offer the public a chance to experience the life of a beauty editor for a night). When a draw for a Dior Dinner opened, I HAD to enter and amazingly got chosen.

At a Dave Lackie VIP Dinner, there are:

1. Amazing Hor D'oeuvres

2. Perfectly executed seating plans, table arrangements and food options.

I was extremely impressed by the level of dinner planning at this event.  Not only was each place setting perfectly decorated but it was very obvious that people were seated around others who they would be able to have conversations with. Also, the staff knew exactly who had dietary restrictions and served them accordingly. This is next level Kate Spade hosting etiquette, ladies and gentlemen.

3. Familiar Faces.

Kaitlyn and Liz were also there! It was nice to run into them and I don't think Dave expected me and Kaitlyn to have such an involved conversation surrounding baby poop and bio-markers of substance abuse...but there you go...

4. Three Course Dinners.
Goat cheese, tomato, argula salad
Probably the best goat cheese I've ever had and I hate goat cheese.

Beef tenderloin with roasted veggies and mashed pototatoes
The tenderloin was so large but I ate it all anyways. I was also perfectly cooked to my prefered medium-rare.

Trio of desserts: praline ice cream, lava-cake, apple tarte
 Not too bad. My favorite was the praline ice cream.

5. Stations with Dior Makeup Staff and Products.

Overall there were 7 different stations with Dior's makeup, skincare, nails and perfume. Makeup and skincare specialists were on hand to showcase products and do touch ups. Some executive staff were present as well and gave some quick speeches during dinner. I was so taken by the products that I didn't take the opportunity to talk to them more. I'm still kicking myself for that.

6. Dave Lackie (of course).

Had to take a photo with the man of the hour.

7. and Goody Bags!

And what a bag that was!!! I'm especially excited about the eye shadow palette. You guys know how I can never have too much eyeshadow. The Airflash CC Primer and the Airflash Matte Touch spray look really interesting too!! 

Thanks Dave Lackie for this opportunity! It was a very special and interesting experience that will be a blogging highlight for many years to come.


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