Sunday 26 April 2015

The Eye Brush Hunt

A reader asked me for my top brush picks and I've been holding off because the perfect eyeshadow brush is still evading me. With my large selection of eyeshadow brushes, you'd think I'd have the perfect one but there isn't even a small handful that I really love. Really, I just put up with most of these.

I started off the journey with those pictured above. 

#1 Royal and Langnickle cream shadow brush rarely got used since the brush head is too short
#2  Crown Brush C153's brush head is too wide and short. It says it's fluffy, but it's not.
#3 Dual ended Sephora brush is the perfect shape but it has become quite scratchy.
#4 Royal and Langnickle GL3 eyeshadow brush works well but it's a bit too big. I do like the tapered point though.  
#5 Clinique GWP brush can't even be repurchased even though it has the perfect shape, but it has become super scratchy now. I should really get rid of it. I feel like I'm grating my eyelids when I use it sometimes... I loved this for a while...but no longer.
#6 Ecotools has that same tapered edge like #4 but the brush head is just slightly too big.

Not satisfied, I needed more options.

#7,  bdellium tools 774 *sigh* In general I knew I shouldn't have bought the bdellium brushes because of lackluster experience with previous brush purchases but a few blogger friends really liked their eye brushes so I more chance. This was sort of scratchy and too small.
#8 RT's eyeshadow brush isn't big enough but it'll do.
#9 bdellium 773 a little too dense and short, not fluffy enough and slightly scratchy.
#10 Sigma E25 I really like, except for the price, which is the main reason why I hesitate to get another
#11 bdellium 777 is one of the softer ones, slightly fluffier than 773 with about the same head size. not bad but not yet perfect.
#12 Morphe MB20 was a lot better than I expected. It's a bit big but it's soft and blends really well. It's not love, but if I had a few more I wouldn't mind.
#13 bdellium 776, not the softest and the hairs splayed after washing *rolls eyes at bdellium* .

I feel like the perfect eyeshadow brush just doesn't exist. I am Goldilocks without her baby bear; no "just right", for me. Something with exactly the right head size with soft bristles that have the right amount of density to blend and pick up pigment at a reasonable price. IS THAT SO HARD TO ASK FOR?!?!! I might just be too picky.

Give me (affordable) eye brush suggestions people?! 

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