Friday 12 September 2014

Forever Vera Vera Wang Perfume*

*Press Sample
Vera Wang Forever Vera Perfume review

Bottles of Vera Wang's Princess perfume leave me thinking that the look is just too...youthful for me. Nothing wrong with a nice big purple heart with a crown, don't get me wrong. But it has been many years since that time I've dotted my I's with a heart in elementary school and promptly decided it looked awful. However, I can get on board with the latest Forever Vera, Vera Wang* perfume and not only because of it's aesthetics.

I think we've already established I enjoy citrus, oriental or woody scents. Forever Vera* ($49CDN 30ml, $78 50ml), though classified as a floral woody musk scent, is hardly like the other perfumes I've come to love.  Opening with gardenias, following with lilacs, iris and rum, and ending in tonka, sandalwood and musk, this perfume doesn't have my usual suspects of jasmine or rose. It's a bit more floral than I'm use to and it has a slight powderiness to it which I caught a lot of on first use but it seems to have toned down lately (not sure why, maybe I'm just getting use to it).

If you've enjoyed Chloe's Eau Fresh, Tom Ford's Violet Blonde, or Prada's Infusion d'Iris, Fragrantica thinks you'll enjoy this one as well. The perfumer attempted to showcased elegance and sensuality. I am getting the "elegance" but its not a scent that's too serious and the bottle itself looks quite timeless. Though it's not my all time favorite, I'm coming to enjoy this slight step out of my usual scent library.

Have you tried any Vera perfumes?
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