Friday 19 September 2014

Blush Challenge Follow Up

Sometime ago, I started my Blush ChallengeIt was a great idea! I had all the right intentions to use what I had (and to discover what I could give away/sell).

Week 1

 Discovered I did not like that ELF blush combo. Out of the blush box it goes. Success!

Week 2

 Discovered I couldn't really get my lip colors to work with that blush. Gonna send it along its merry way. Success!

Week 3

 Discovered that, though I do like Trace only works if I've gotten a bit tanner. This year I didn't. Having second thoughts about you, Trace Gold...having second thoughts... Mild success!

Week 4

Illamasqua was being pulled from The Bay (and North America stores in general) so I picked up...all of that...( I had previously and three of those were gifted to me at around the same time) but still.

Since then I've fallen off the bandwagon and haven't been concentrating on getting rid of anything and only using blush a couple days during the week (AND YET I HAVE SO MANY), so shamed..

Wish me luck...

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