Wednesday 21 September 2016

If David Wore Cologne...

I had hoped that the Mr Burberry Eau de Toilette* ($100CDN, 3.3oz) would be wearable for a female but nope. Such a shame since the bottle is beautiful and the grey tones look so polished on my dresser. Its doubly unfortunate that David isn't a fan of fragrances because this is one I'd love for him to wear.

The scent is a woody aromatic. It opens up fresh from the grapefruit and settles into an obvious men's cologne. There's low opportunity for unisex use here and it felt distinctly male when I wore it. The sillage is moderate which additionally made me feel self conscious. 

Top note: Grapefruit, Cardamon, Tarragon
Heart note: Birch Leaf, Cedar, Nutmeg
Base note: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaic Wood

No spiciness but a smooth warm ride of freshened vetiver. The man that wears this is easy-going, modern and understated. He isn't stale or boring but he's not a party-goer either. The kind of guy that reads newspapers in his bay windowed-apartment while it rains outside and probably owns a labrador; there is something distinctly New England in how I imagine him. He wears cozy sweaters, and looks very handsome. 

I feel this is "David", if he did wear scents. Spiciness smells good but it doesn't really suit his personality and there's a heady comfort to this which doesn't assault the nostrils or feel flamboyant. I don't think I can convince him that it's perfect for him though. You should see the faces he pulls when I even bother to suggest simple face wash to him. Maybe I can "accidently" spray him with it one day...


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