Saturday 17 September 2016

#IFeelGood in Purple (ft. Rouge Dior's Matte Lipsticks*)

I posted the above photo on my Instagram because its purple. I love purple.  Sometimes I'm surprised by how much I love purple. When I see my purple moleskin notebook, the fact that I often write in purple pen, my purple jackets and other clothing...its thankful that I've caught myself early or I'll be mistaken for a grape at my next press event. interpretation of cat lady status. Though I've checked myself, its hard not to agree that Dior's Rouge Dior Lipstick in Superstitious Matte* ($43CDN) is my kind of shade.

Not that we should forget the rest of the latest shades from the Rouge Dior* launch. The line contains satins, mattes, and four extreme mattes (of which Superstitious Matte* is one). The Extreme Mattes are probably the "edgiest" shades I've seen from Dior. Blue lipstick? Dior is getting with the times but still staying classic with the range of reds, nudes, pink and corals.

The mattes are soft in formula; a velvet matte variety. Soft on the lips and not waxy, these have no real drag though I needed a little lip warm to get it going. They didn't dry out my lips. Superstitious Matte* applied unevenly when over dry patches, a sadness that I put up with because of the shade.

Pretty Matte* is a peach leaning coral.

Classic Matte* is a slight brown leaning red. I wouldn't call it pink, though it's looking slightly pink in this photo. A classic shade, easily a go-to for a Fall MLBB. 

I'm not sure I've seen Dior create a real true matte yet. Superstitious Matte* is supposed to be  a"Extreme Matte" but it seems extreme only in color and not texture. These are all soft velvet mattes which may have more universal appeal than true matte formulas which sometimes look flat. 

The packaging of the Rouge Dior's are a table piece with their metal top signature and collar. The red interior is sex in a lipstick and a nice "wow" detail. A little bit of heft would have been the icing on the cake but I think Dior saves that feature for their holiday Diorifics, which are also of the velvet matte variety though creamier than the Rouges and at a $2 price increase. I'm thinking I prefer the Rouge Diors; they have slightly more give. I don't like so much slip in my lipsticks.

Overall, a nice fancy lipstick purchase with a few eye-googling design details in a soft matte formula. Pick one up to be fancy or a few.


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