Saturday 10 September 2016

Quo Fall 2016 Collection Overview

The new Quo fall collection will be out at Shoppers soon (if it isn't there already) so here's a quick overview of which items are worth your hard earned dollars.

Brush Up Set ($50CDN, 6 brushes: liner/brow, blush, powder, foundation, eyeshadow, lip)
For some, this is a high price but you do get a good number of brushes. I like the purple scalloped brush pouch but the brushes are not the softest. Thinking about some of the brush collections that Sephora usually comes out with, I'd say this is a skip.

Eye Shadow Palette - Plum Perfect ($18CDN)
A palette of 10 shadows comprised mostly of mattes and a few shimmer shades. Though the color combination is good (I'm loving that russet red) the mattes are chalky and hard to blend. 

Face Palette - Sweet Illusio
n ($20CDN)
The cheek palette is a little more promising but as always will depend on whether the colors work for you. The bronzer is too camel so it doesn't work for my skin coloring. The highlighter though is nice.

Matte Lipstick - Red Alert ($14 CDN)
The winner out of the bunch is the matte lipstick in Red Alert. It's a great color with a formula that's not too waxy or too creamy. It felt comfortable on the lip and applied evenly. It was a nice note to end on after I wasn't quite as amazed with the other products.

There is also the Quo Brow Palette Raise Your Brows ($12CDN) which Natalie seems to really enjoy. I haven't quite figured out how to use wax and powder for my brows. If I ever had to classify something "intimidating" in the beauty word, this would be one of them. Not that I'm scared away by wax, I just can't be bothered to figure it out.

Have your eye on anything?


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