Monday 12 September 2016

The One I Had to Get: Etude House Juice Bar Palette

It is now increasingly rare that a product will jump out as a "must-get-now". Items come in the mail and I have the fortune of trying them out before ads appear to give me that "have-to-buy-it" feeling. A lipstick or a blush can still earn OOOOs from my lips but things in my space makes me less inclined to drop money for even more things. When I saw the Etude House Juice Bar Palette though, I had to have it

Maybe it was the swatch promo pictures (above) or that I was falling all over myself to get more peaches, oranges and pink on my lids during the spring/summer, I'm not sure. When the Juice Bar first was on Etude's website, I passed it. But it burrowed little hooks in my brain until I purchased it off Ebay for an increased price some months later after Etude stopped stocking it. I paid something stupid for this, I can't even remember what but I'm sure there was at least a $10 markup for something that wasn't too expensive to begin with.

When the little slim cardboard package with the plastic palette came to my office, I felt a surge of excitement of having procured something potentially great. Its been a while since I've felt that unattached unsolicited excitement.

The palette is orange and peach toned. I love the glitter cognac in the centre. This isn't exactly the top most in quality but its pretty good. The lightest matte shades have a tough time showing up but they all blend well together. Slightly stiff in the pan, its not the soft pillow texture of Burberry but I'm pleased with it overall. 

During the spring/summer, I reached for this often. I'm predicting that I'll revert to the cranberries and golds of last fall now that September has rolled in though so I'm putting this away in the drawer for now. Overall, I enjoy this palette. I wish some of the colors showed up better but I'm not so out-of-love that its going into the declutter pile just yet. I don't know, something about these bright colors together gives me a little happy feeling on the inside.


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