Saturday 3 September 2016

Azzaro Wanted Eau De Toilette*

I never found myself falling all over 'bad boys'. Maybe I was too sensible but the academics had more appeal than the dropouts. Nothing wrong with a wanting a bad boy now and then though, someone a little dangerous, a little sexy, and you might find that your latest bad boy wears Azzaro's Wanted Eau de Toilette* ($92CDN, 100ml) as their signature scent.

A few men I know have a signature scents and they have chosen theirs purposefully because of sex appeal; Azzaro's Wanted might just hit the mark for them. The Wanted man is charismatic, bold and hedonistic. He's a gambler, seducer but also a man's best bro. Jumping out of planes on the weekends, he wears bowties to his european pool parties and has a killer smile.

The scent itself is a woody spicy fragrance with moderate sillage and lasting longevity. Its notes are:
Top notes: lemon and ginger
Middle notes: guatemalan cardamom and juniper
Base notes: haitian vetiver and tonka bean

The marketing for this would appeal to a younger male, maybe mid twenties to early thirties, someone not yet ready to commit and still wants to 'experience life'. The promo film captures a cavalier rogue who woos women and has all the adventures.

The scent itself is quite lovely though not that sophisticated. It opens fresh and is light enough for summer wearing but beware the pump. This thing shoots out liquid like a water gun. I get a lot of creamy lemon in the first hour and mostly tonka in the dry down. Not a bad choice for a 'smell like a man' perfume (in other words, women can use this as well) and I wouldn't say no if David chose to wear this now and then.

Describe your "wanted" man.


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