Wednesday 7 September 2016

Life Lately: Random Thoughts and a Few Shout Outs

One click and the hope of a productive day decays as my brain glazes over from rabbit hole after rabbit hole of internet searches. An idea grow vines in my head, until I can satisfy myself that I have read everything I can about it. These are the completely random ideas that have been bursting through the fog of my day-to-day.

Flexible Dieting and If It Fits Into Your Macros (IIFYM)
Been thinking about how best to optimize my fitness via the food I eat. I'm so very aware that "abs are made in the kitchen" and "you can't outrun a bad diet". Even though I love to exercise, my real downfalls are the cakes/sweets/nutrient-poor carbs I indulge in far too frequently. Figuring out my macros and trying to keep on track has been a small life project lately and I'm appreciating the IIFYM idea while being aware of all the ways in which it fails. Even so, I'm trying to switch my brain's food choices from "indulge" to "nourish".

Of course there would be a blogging niche for lingerie. There's a niche for everything! Yet I was still pleasantly surprised to find the community. Its not just a bunch of pretty women exposing their sexuality either. There are some incredibly thoughtful blogs about lingerie construction, body positivity, helpful tips on sizing and dressing etc. Lingerie is something I enjoy and its been a treat to be introduce to new brands and looks. 

Growing My Platforms
Every blogger must, at one point, go through the google search of how to grow their audience. The tips are always the same and yet, now and then, I'll still try and do some "research" to find that magic bullet. Lately I've been thinking of my Instagram, spurred slightly by Rae's awesome poll results regarding pricing for sponsored posts. Turns out your social media followers carry more clout than you'd expect.

I'm been noticing Chelle and Jen lately, two awesome people I met while in Toronto. Jen didn't have a smart phone for the longest time but now that she's gotten on the train, I can see how much she's working on her Instagram and I'm really proud of her. Same for Chelle's youtube.  She ramped that up so fast and I want to congratulate her 1k milestone. You guys are killing it.

What's going on with you lately?


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