Monday 15 August 2016

Perfume Portability (ft Travalo Milano*)

Here's a thought, perfume portability. It's more brilliant than you'd realize. 

My day isn't broken if I don't spritz on some perfume but
A) I've amassed perfumes so they need using up (I've resulted to using clean cotton scents as room sprays...sprayed onto wood, a scent lasts for weeks!) and
B) Smelling nice is...nice!

But more practically:
A) Some Eau de Toilettes need topping up during the day;
B) Gym in the mornings then straight to work can mean that perfume gets forgotten; 
C) Carry on luggage or 50lbs check in limits means huge bottles of perfume don't make sense; and
D) People buy rollerballs for their portability but you don't have to buy more than one version of a perfume. 

An easy solution is the Travalo* and more recently, the Travalo Milano ($50CND, 5ml/65 sprays) which is about the sexiest refillable, leakproof atomizer I've seen. The leatherette detail with metal is just classic. 

The brand recommends one Travalo for each perfume but I've put in different scents after using up what's there. You can pump in the full 5ml amount or just as many sprays as you need for a vacation (Thinking about it, this might be a great way to carry a mix of Demeter or other perfumes). $50 is steep; the Milano is their luxury option. Thankfully there is the Classic ($15), which I also own, and the Classic HD ($20).

I love how this makes my perfumes portable. I can stash this in my gym bag or for work and would recommend a Travalo to those who need on-the-go spritzing or who travel often. 

Do you spritz on the go? 


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