Saturday 13 August 2016

A Reason to Try Sephora's Lip Products (ft. Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipsticks*)

We don't pay attention to Sephora enough. I mean...we do..but we also don't. I'm pretty sure we go to Sephora and look at almost everything else aside from what the in-house items are. That is such a shame. I've been going through the brand's collection and there are SO many great things. I am very much in love with their mist foundation, liners and shadows. Lately, I've been trying out the Rouge Cream* ($15CDN, 4g) lipsticks.

These lipsticks are supposed to be hydrating with intense color in a satin finish.  Stolen Kiss is a slightly darkened orange. Heartbreaker is a mid range pastel purple. Its the color I use to draw grapes as a kid. 

I like lipsticks that have enough wax to give a good layer of color that adheres to the lips, a formula that doesn't melt together or move when I talk. That's one of the reason why I love the WetnWild Megalast lipcolors which are practically stiff wax sticks of color. These lipsticks, are plenty pigmented, have that adherence I look for and they leave a nice stain as they wear which means reapplication is not always necessary.

Sephora has a great selection of colors and this is definitely a product to explore more of.

Why don't you explore Sephora's products?


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