Monday 22 August 2016

Question: What is Your Favorite Eyeshadow Finish/Formula?

In this post, I was slightly surprised by the number of comments where people said they weren't interested in matte shadows. I didn't realize there would be any real preference against them! Mattes seem like just another finish and isn't one that I especially "do not prefer". Actually, they seem necessary to have in your beauty arsenal.

So that got me thinking, what is your favorite eyeshadow finish and why?

I tend to stick with the shimmers or iridescent shadows. Nothing glittery, nothing frosty, but a good satin or slight shimmer finish. I gravitate towards those easily. The appreciation and use of mattes came relatively recently in my beauty practice. Dull at first, I began to see their place for blending, then as transition shades and finally as the star of my lid show. I especially like a nude, skin color matte look with black liner and a bold solid lip color. Maybe the distaste for mattes is in the same vein of people who can't buy yet another neutral. I don't know. What do you think?


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