Wednesday 10 August 2016

Thinking About Blog Improvements

I don't like to sink too much money into this blog (which is a lie considering how much money I've spent on products). But there are some times when I wish I had better video editing material, better photo editing software, maybe a mic for my camera and some lights. For a while I had been thinking of improving the back end of my blog. Wouldn't it be fun if I had all the funds in the world to support this project?

Thinking about what projects I enjoy, I still feel most comfortable creating written content but there are times when a round up or a favorites post works better with video. Since my video creation is infrequent, spending a lot of cash there seems unwise. Regardless: here are some blog tools I've been using and how I would love to upgrade if I could.

- I use the Panasonic Lumix G6. I also have the Panasonic Lumix GF3 which was my blog camera until about the end of 2014. I don't need to upgrade from this but I would like to have a more portable small camera for vlogging or just about town. 

- No lighting aside from natural lights so I would love a ring light

- Right now I edit my photos with Preview, the default photo viewer on Mac. It's not awesome but does the basics. If I need a few more things I go to but I long for the days when I can use Photoshop again.

- I film with my Panasonic G6 and edit with iMovie. iMovie does the basics but a little more freedom and creative power either with Final Cut Pro ($300) or Adobe Premier Pro CC ($15-20USD per month) would be awesome. Though now that I my interest in blogging has slightly decreased, or at least is shifting,, my desire to make videos has also decreased.

I use free use music that I find on the internet, usually via It takes a long time to find the right kind of song, to edit down the sound clips and then to find enough clips to fit the whole length of the video. I just found Premium Beats which provides continuous loops and has higher quality tracks but its also $40 per song...I have yet to use it.

- In video sound is captured via the native microphone in my camera. That means that sound quality isn't that great in vlogs or when I'm not stationary in front of the camera. A microphone would help with this, especially for voice overs.


Thinking about all these things and the direction I want the blog to go in, a lot of these improvements are thankfully unnecessary. Hurray for saving money. If I were to take a first step though, a handier day-to-day camera would be great for its portability. I'd love to do more lifestyle and out and about posts. What do you think?


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