Wednesday 3 August 2016

The Best Colors in the Coloring Box (ft. Make Up For Ever Aqual XL Eye Pencils*)

Open up a coloring box, take in the options and grab the first color that calls to you. 

Coloring on a massive sheet of white paper was a great and simple childhood pleasure and when I received the full set of Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencils ($25CDN, 4oz) I felt a similar rush of wonderment and potential. With these laid out in front of me, I was ready to take on any lining job but unsurprisingly I quickly chose three colors to play with.

Much like my childhood coloring box, some shades just get more use than others and for the Aqua Liners they have been M90 (matte chocolate brown), D62 (glitterly light brown) and M92 (matte pastel purple). Dark browns are an everyday item with a glittery version as a nice switch up. M92 has been awesome for the lower lash or the inner corners; I love a light purple shade for that purpose.

The  Aqua Liner XLs are Xtra Long lasting (get it, XL?) and they do live up to this. They don't smudge on me and give a creamy glide that is slightly more creamy than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners (still love the shade Demolition) but not as creamy (and smudgeable) as the WetnWild liners. The color is opaque in one pass and they can easily become my go-to liner of choice, if not for my love affair with Clio liners which are harder to acquire and incredible opaque (albeit slightly more smudgeprone...I guess we can't have it all). I suppose on the balance of economy, ease of use and access, these are readily recommendable for hitting all categories. 

As for the other colors in the coloring box, I dislike starting a product while others are open. I try not to do this with staples like liners, foundations, concealers etc so I'll be pulling the rest of the shades slowly into use. The pastel yellow and the iridescent blue are definitely begging to be experimented with.

Memories of coloring? Best liner shades? 


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