Wednesday 29 June 2016

Three Options for Home Fitness Workouts

Not everyone can access a gym or have the will to consistently go to a fitness activity. For a while, I had to make do with whatever I could to fit in some heart exertion on a budget. I've been focused on my fitness lately so I tend to go to the gym but I remember when I had to look for workout that were free and easy to do at home. There are a great number of options and I wanted to share three in case you were in the same boat I was.

1. DareBee: themed and easy to follow infographic workouts and programs with an online community

Darebee is awesome because it mostly focuses on HIIT, short bursts of high intensity activity interspersed with breaks. The home page is a great place to start for a daily workout or challenge and you can search through all the workouts to find exactly the type you are looking for (even stretches and yoga). I did the 30 Days of HIIT program and my fast-twitch muscle strength definitely improved. You'll easily notice a difference in your strength if you stick to it and there are SO many good resources and programs here. It also has informational articles that aren't boring and nutrition suggestions for achieving your goal.

2. Tribesport: online community with challenges and workouts

Tribesport was the first online infographic workout site I found and it really focuses on building a community of like-minded fitness enthusiast. You can join Tribes to follow topics you're interested in, learn new things and meet new people. It has challenges and workouts.  If being a part of a fitness community is important to you, this is a great option.

3. Nike Training App: mobile application with timers, trainer voiceovers and programs

This App is great because the timer and voice coaching keeps you on pace and pushing when you need a little bit more urging to exercise. There are custom programs for each fitness level and all come with videos on how to do the exercises. I strongly recommend this to beginners since it gets you in the habit of moving through circuit style training and you can move into intermediate and advanced programs.


There are so many other things out there like youtube videos and the Kayla Itsine's BBG guide. Of the three I showcased, I use Darebee the most, if not a random BBG workout or my own program, when I'm at home. The graphics are so easy to follow and the community is pretty great to check in on now and then.

What are some of your home fitness options?


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