Saturday 25 June 2016

MUFE Artist Palette 3 - Florals*

I've been avoiding the MUFE Artist Palettes* because collecting any more of these shadows would be (more) excessive. But when given an opportunity, how could I refuse? The latest palette (Florals, $52CDN) is a mix of springy light shades with a few darker options for versatility but I have to admit that my feelings are undecided about this one.

Another reason I avoid these is because of slight shade overlap. I already own two (or was it three...) of these colors in palette or full sized form. The small square makes for a good grab and go size but usability comes down to the shade combinations and the jury is still out on this one. I did depot these and that was super easy.  The metal tins fit right into the MUFE XL Palettes I love. 

This comes with 9 shadesx0.05 oz and a booklet with three look options.
ME-230 Peacock Blue
D-236 Lagoon Blue
S-404 Straw Yellow
I-544 Pink Granite
ME-512 Golden Beige
ME-930 Black Purple
I-918 Lavender
I-528 Pearl
I-804 Golden Pink (can be used as blush)

You could do a dainty spring eye but I immediately saw peacock colors when I opened this palette.

I used Lagoon Blue on the lid, Black Purple in the crease and blended the Lavender between the two shades. 

I'm a bit mixed about the shade selection since I wear neutrals more often than not. This would make a good addition for neutral lovers who want to economically bulk up color options. As a grab and go, not many color looks are jumping out at me, not many that I would be comfortable wearing everyday anyways. This palette could be used as a good "stretch" product to get you used to wearing more color but I'm actually finding Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca a better "stretch" product for me. Maybe because there are more matte and satin shades and there are more mid tone shades.

I'm still playing around with this one and the jury is still out on the color combination. Nothing but positives to say about the formula of course.


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