Wednesday 8 June 2016

Question: When do you change your curler's pad?

I know the beauty consensus is that mascara needs to be changed up every 4-6 months (or whatever) but this is a practice I almost never adhere to. There may be some good reasons to do so; fear of germs seem to be a major factor. To be honest, I'm not so actively concerned about this. I take precautions when I can but if my mascara gets a few month pasts its 'to trash' date, I won't feel any panic. For someone who sometimes gets eye'd think I'd be more careful.

While there is that consensus about eyelash coatings, I hear much less about eyelash curlers. Does anyone know or keep track of when to change their eyelash curler pads? 

I've noticed now and then that my pad was less springy and plump. But that's also forgotten as soon as I move onto the next makeup step. Only recently did I see that continued use of my curlers has physically imprinted a tear into the little plastic pad. That is something less likely ignored so I rooted around my beauty supplies to find a spare pad while laughing at myself that this is what 3 years of continual curler use does. I was impressed by how strongly I push down on those curler handles!

So, how often do you notice your eyelash curler pads? And do you often change them up?


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