Monday 13 June 2016

bedface*: The best damn sheets on the internet?

Our mattress was the most expensive purchase David and I made together. We spent a day pseudo-sleeping on various mattresses until we settled on (and into) one that will last us "for at least 10 years, if not more!". Once we had that, there came the problem of sufficient bedding. 

Until I moved in, David had been using a blanket that he had since high school. It was worn down, there was a big rip in it, and I couldn't tell you when it last was washed. My mom pitied us and gave us some extra sheets that we didn't really love.

Finding fun bedding is hard! I stood in The Bay's bedding section, contemplating patterns, colors, if I needed a sheet, if I needed a comforter, or a duvet cover...or, or, or. I felt restricted in my color and pattern choices and if I had to mix and match from different brands, it would have been pricy. I finally settled on a Distinctly Home light grey set and bought a grey duvet, both on sale. I loved the result but secretly wished for more color.

bedface, located in VANCOUVER, reached out and offered a test drive of their sheets. They had something I was looking for. The ability to mix and match every color of every aspect of my bedding. From fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases and duvet covers, the Bed Maker helps you completely customize your bedding scheme. Pre-selected color themes are great for the indecisive.

It took a LONG time to decide on my colors:
pillows: lavender and seabreeze teal
flat sheet: ice blue (but I'm hoping mint will come back in stock soon)
fitted sheet: storm
duvet cover: twilight

Our four pillow covers, duvet cover, flat sheet, and fitted sheet are priced at $285 (no duties or taxes) for our Queen sized bed. Free shipping is for over $50, $9 otherwise. And there is a 100 day full refund guarantee.

The cotton (100%, in a matte finish) is made with quality, durability and breathability in mind. The weave is visibly looser and thicker (visible in the Seabreeze shade in the below photo) than my grey sheets; this is supposed to give breathability. The cotton feels extremely durable and sturdy. It doesn't have the immediate softness of my other set but a few washes later, they have softened and I expect them to continue to get softer with each wash. Honestly these were a little scratchy but not as much anymore. Though I love the color selection, I would have also loved some pattern options. 

All in all, I like these sheets. I enjoyed the ability to choose colors (though they seem less vibrant in person than online) but I know the price still isn't quite where I would want it to be. The cotton does feel substantial, they do get softer with each wash and I haven't had a problem with being too warm or too cold but I like the immediate softness and lightness of my other set (which admittedly, doesn't breath as well and only is one color). bedface might be worth considering if you are looking to mix and match, and don't mind having to wait a few cycles to get your sheets softened up. It might also be a good place to go to find specific colors for individual items like pillowcases or whatnot since each bedding aspect can be bought seperately.

I would also give this article on thread count a read in case you were wondering about that aspect of these sheets. It was an eye-opener.

Where do you get your bedsheets?

If you would like 15% off your sheets, use the code "abeautifulzen".


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