Wednesday 1 June 2016

Why Buy Cheap Cleansing Oils

Divinia Refreshing Cleansing Oil review

Soap and water just don't cut it for removing some sunscreens. I've finally did something about it after showering, scrubbing, reshowering,  and trying multiple soaps failed to remove one sunscreen's death grip on my legs. Tip: buy a cheap cleansing oil.

I've been using cleansing oils for my face for years. Sunscreens are no less waterproof nor oil-soluable than my make-up! I should have made the logical leap ages ago but I've finally seen the light and what a difference an oil cleanser can do on sunscreen slathered appendages. But it's not Shu that I reach for and at $35 for ever 120ml, I can't pump out multiple squirts of Fancl every time there is a sunny day.

Divinia Refreshing Cleansing Oil review

That's where $5-7 bottles of cleansing oil come into play. There are so many different and cheap in Asia! Knowing that sunscreen and I were going to be best friends for the next 10 days, I purposefully picked up the cheapest bottles I could find on Day 1 of my trip. Divinia Refreshing Cleansing Oil, a product made and sold exclusively in Taiwan for Watsons drugstore, was an easy choice at $10 for 2x150ml bottles. 

Divinia Refreshing Cleansing Oil Ingredients

To be fair, you are not getting the best ingredients or quality when you buy from the cheapest ranks of cleansing oils. But I don't need skincare ingredients and I only want to remove sunscreen from my body. I don't mind. Still though, this particular one took the use of a towel to finish the sunscreen removal process but once I figured that out, I was satisfied enough.

I most likely won't choose Divinia again but I'm glad for the second bottle to carry me through Vancouver's summertime. After this is done, I know a trip to T&T will easily source me another cheap option. 

What do you use to remove sunscreen?


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