Monday 30 May 2016

Products for My Vacation Rehab

Sometimes rehab is necessary when you come back from vacation. People may like lying on a beach but my vacations are marathon sightseeing expeditions and I don't come back from those unscathed. There are many ways my body can break down and there were definitely personal care items that need attention when I returned from my latest trip to Asia.

Rehab # 1: Feet
Honestly, I couldn't have been more thankful for the Bliss Achilles Heel* ($49CDN). A home pedicure tool, this smoothed out my soles and calluses in one use. The grater thing looks scary but it was really effective and pain free. For the price of 1.2 pedicures, this is so worth it. When you are accidentally scratching yourself because your soles are dry and need help. Near the end of my trip, I really looked forward to coming home and using this.

Rehab #2: Face
My skin was completely messed when I came back; super oily and clogged but also really dry. Humid climates turn good complexions into ones filled with a million micro-pimples but Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate* ($76CDN, 50ml), Avon Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment* and diligent extractor tool use sorted my skin out. My Beauty Diary Face Masks were extra support against the fight.

Rehab #3: Body
Let's not mention the exercising I'll need to do to get rid of all the fried bread and pork I ate in Asia.

While I was away, my skin flared up with weird rash patches and the Dermalibour+ Repairing Cream* from A-Derma made them disappear the next day. This contains ingredients to sooth and repair skin and I've been putting it on any weird skin irritations that sometimes show up. You can find this at Shoppers! It's supposed to help with any skin irritation and it's been a good workhorse product. Maybe unglamorous but a useful tool in your arsenal.

Rehab #4: Hair
Some personal grooming things go to shit while I'm away. My brows and upper lip stash needed an appointment with my Revlon Diamond Tipped Tweezers. Is that overshare? I'm sure you're all felt the surprise of realizing you've forgotten to take care of that situation and have been walking around with a ministache for the past few days. Attractive.


While vacations are fun and I love to travel, I hate what it can do to my body and skin. Note to self, always bring exfoliator and body lotion on vacation! I used lotion samples procured from shopping expeditions to remedy my skin during the trip...definitely a poor-man's solution.

What's the worst part of travelling?


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