Wednesday 4 May 2016

Loving my Space

I'm sitting on my purple couching and I am so damn comfortable right now.

There is nothing quite like capping off the end of a work day than by having a good sit...and as I'm sitting here, I'm thinking, man, I really love my space!

Moving in with David was pretty easy. He didn't have much furniture and I had a lot of time. Five months after I moved, I had transformed the apartment into a useable multi-functional space and I love it (though a little more square feet wouldn't hurt).

Reasons to Love my Space:

I am a 5 minutes walk away from Stanley Park, one of the top parks in the world, and the ocean. THE OCEAN. I am also 5 minutes away from three grocery stores, ramen central in Vancouver and my gym/library/community centre. The West End...its the place to be.

Our Furniture
David and I ended up with a weird colorful mishmash of mid-century modern living room furniture that we bought off craigslist and garage sales. 

But Mostly this Chair...

...which we spent more than I want to share with you but it sits both of us perfectly inside it. Set opposite the monitor in the first photo, and with our impressive speakers, we've got a little movie theatre going on. Currently watching? Daredevil.

And Our Wall Shelves

The three section shelving unit we bought for $100 flat off someone from craigslist. And they delivered. It houses David's boardgame collection, which I'm trying to keep in check (and our books).


I've lived "on my own" for a while now and there isn't anything quite as nice as having your own (well...rented) space and really feeling at home in it. Though it isn't perfect and there are still a few storage things I need to figure out, I think we did pretty well for ourselves!

What do you love about your space?


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