Monday 16 May 2016

PSA: Deodorant Analysis Paralysis

I'm staring down the 25th minute of standing in the the deodorant aisle.  My eyes are blurring from the options. My mind is in analysis paralysis and I'm scolding myself, "Why can't you remember which deodorant you like?" (Hell, why can't I even remember the deodorant I used this morning? The a fragile being.) The question is all the more pressing since its that last day of, what appears to be, the great deodorant sale of 2015 at London Drugs. Its do or die and my stick ran out this morning.

What's the difference between Degree, Secret, Dove and Speed Stick? Is there a difference? Does the extra day of promised lily-freshness warrant the extra 50 cent price difference? Wait, should I be deciding this purely on the cost per gram? But there's options like scent, gel/solid (always solid), marks on dark clothes.... I don't even know which options to care about. As I make a choice, a moments hesitation gives me doubt and I'm cycling through a handful of two or three sticks, constantly picking them up and putting them back again.  Previously choosing one at random led to stinking up the gym. That was no good. Don't do that again. If only I could remember which deodorant that was. 

Each time I purchase a new deodorant, its like I'm buying deodorant for the first time. The process causes me to perspire as I notice sales associates walking past, wondering why a customer keeps fondling the antiperspirants. All thoughts on past choices are forgotten and the decision starts to take on life and meaning. What if I get 'the wrong one'? Can I commit to that for 4 months? What does that say about me? Where is my mother?

I'm not going to put myself through that again. If ABZ can't be a basic beauty journal to remind myself of which deodorant to get, then it is nothing. And so for the record, Degree Ultraclear Pure Powder Invisible Solid is fine, slightly powdery in scent but it does leave white tracks on black clothes (counter to its promises). Secret Outlast Extend 48Hour Antiperspirant has the same cucumber smell that I liked from Dove Cool Essentials which was pricey since the only perk of using it was the scent.

Let's hope I can cut down the next visit to 5 mins or less. Jeebus.


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