Saturday 28 May 2016

Pinterest Graveyard

I've realized that my Pinterest boards are where inspiration goes to die. All the excitement of pinning and saving, and all the best intentions of one day trying out that look, are instantly forgotten. Pin once and suddenly the total number of could-have-been FOTDs increases by 1.

Tempatalia using Urban Decay's Shadow Box Palette
My Pinterest boards were supposed to be, not only a collection, but ideally a reference for the styles and airs that I aspire to. I haven't sat to look through any of my boards ever. The reason to save images is lost since the inclination to reclaim them into my short term memory never presents itself. I'm sure though, that there are a few looks I would truly love if only I cared to review them.

Korean Make Up Artist - Pony
Vegas Nay using her Stardust Palette collaboration palette with TooFaced
I would like to meet the person who truly cultivates these lists with the real intention of enacting them. I suspect they live a life more purposeful than mine; each moment curated from their most authentic sense of self. 

Linda Halberg
I suspect that for them,  this intentionality is second nature and, unlike the rest of us who bumble from day to day sufficing,  it would make for a most charming circumstance. Getting there just takes more effort that I have right now; remembering the existence of a smokey eye tutorial is already a losing game. Even so, even so, I took a look through my Beauty Inspiration Board and I can see that I've contributed to some other small inspirational deaths; some of my pins have been re-pinned by others.  Oh well!

Scattered through this post are looks that have the most re-pins from my Beauty Inspiration Pinterest Board. What are some of yours?


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