Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rinse and Repeat, But Backwards (ft Tresemme Beauty-full Volume)

Tresemme Beauty-full Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Maximizer Review

Can doing things in reverse ever be game changing? I can't think of many things were doing them back to front would make much sense but Tresemm√© and their latest Beauty-Full Volume line is asking you to give it a try.  I am such a person of routine. I shower in the exact same way every day. I brush my teeth with the same hand, in the same direction every day. I put make-up on in the same order everyday. If it weren't for a few instances of decision making now and then, you can basically copy and paste my Monday-Friday and I wouldn't really notice a difference.

But apparently trying things a new way can have some benefits. Not quite remembering where, I read that changing up your routine movements (for example, brushing your teeth using your other hand, or going in a different direction) can really get your brain working. I think you'll realize that's true when even that small change makes brushing just a little but more work.

Anyways, I'm probably not sharing anything interesting. 

Tresemme's  latest suggests that you start with the conditioner first, and then follow it up with the shampoo. This is supposed to leave your hair less weighed down, while still keeping your locks conditioned. 

I can't say that my hair often gets weighed down. It really depends on the shampoo. Oil ingredients definitely weigh down my hair but for the most part, I'm lucky to have pretty good hair most days. I found the backwards washing just fine in terms of cleanliness. The shampoo doesn't give any squeaky clean feel though and I like a little of that when I wash. If I use this consistently, I like breaking it up with something more clarifying. I honestly can't say that my hair volume has changed much when I use these in any order.

Tresemme Beauty-full Volume Hair Maximizer Review

The line also has a Hair Maximizer cream product which left a lot to be desired. This did not maximize my hair and any effect seemed to disappear quite quickly. You get the initial oomph of jooshing your hair but I can't say that lasted too long. I gave this away pretty quickly.

Overall, I liked the theoretical idea of re-ording my hair washing routine and I know Steph has found it a quite useful method but I don't think you need this particular option for it to work. The combo wasn't particularly volumizing on their own, regardless of order. I would keep the tip of conditioning first but perhaps try something else if you're looking for a lot of volume. 

What would work better backwards?


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