Wednesday 23 March 2016

Current Favorites #4

What drove me to post about my current favorites was the WetnWild Megaslick Gloss in That's My Jam*. This thing has crazy shine and though it looks deep purple in the tube, it stains into an amazingly flattering brightened Spring-ready plum-berry. Not what I expected at all and a real staple in my bag lately.

Still using deeper colors even in March, I thought about how my lip choices through the Fall where, for once, on trend. I focused on the brown-nudes and was generally late to trying these shades. Overall, I am not ready to embraced the 90s resurgence in all its ripped jeans and overalled (yea...overalls...remember those?) glory but these shades have grown on me and I considered myself quite fashionable when wearing them.

Even though I didn't rave about the Maybelline Creamy Mattes, Touch of Spice was discounted at London Drugs and that was as good a time as any to try them out again. Touch of Spice added a hint of rose into the brown-nude mix which made it a safer trend choice. It was a bit of a gateway into brown-nudes and there are no regrets from walking this path. I also tried Nude Nuance but that was too grey and brick for me.

Kat Von D's Everlast Lipstick in Lolita* came in a nice little duo pack over the holidays with Lolita II and I definitely embraced that shades whole heartedly. Lolita gets a little more use than its sister, for no particular reason other than laziness.

Finally WetnWild's That's My Jam*, a great transition from the vampy purples of deep Winter into Spring. I haven't bothered to do face photos with the other shades since many swatches and shots probably abound on the nets and the WnW option is really the current star of the bunch.

wetnwild Megaslick Gloss That's My Jam

wetnwild Megaslick Gloss That's My Jam

I absolutely LOVE the shade it stains into; a type of plum-berry that is so common in Korean lipstain lines and a color I often try to find but never quite hit. When layered, the gloss gives great opacity and shine without any stickiness. The stain wears for hours but the gloss itself will give way after 3-4 as most do. I admit that when I received this in the mail, I considered it a write-off and wouldn't have tried it except for curiosity. I'm so glad I did because this shade is gorgeous and unexpected. If you can get your hands on this, I'm sure many compliments will be coming your way when you use it.

Ever been unexpectedly blown away by a shade?


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