Monday 14 March 2016

Quick Mentions

A few posts have been building up in my schedule and I wanted to do some quick mentions of the products featured here since they've been on my mind. I didn't want to devote whole posts to these but there were a few day-to-day thoughts I wanted to get out there. I hope you enjoy these quick little snippets.

Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipsticks* in Guava, Current, and Willow ($34CDN). I generally liked the colors but they didn't wear that great on the lips. I would assume with a name like Smoothed Over the formula would help fill in lines but there wasn't anything particularly smoothing about them on initial application. These are supposed to have ingredients to help sooth dry lips but at that price, and with their low lasting power, I'm not inclined to recommend these.

My MAC Blacktrack has really seen better days and I finally decided to try the microwave trick. I popped mine in for 30 seconds and out came a goopy molten thing of black. I used a liner brush to clean it up a little and settle everything back down to the bottom (and the result showed I had used up more than half of this jar, go me). All in all, a worth while tip to employ with other cracked out liners.

I think I need to learn that shampoos with oil almost never work with my hair. They leave my hair flat and weighted down. The Live Clean Argan Oil Shampoo*, which has a nice scent, is no different. Alas, I just need to say no to 'oil' shampoos. I'm debating on whether or not to crack open the Keratin Oil* one they sent as well or to give it someone else. I'm also hoping David will help me finish up these bottles (highly unlike given that he has about 10% as much hair as I do).

The Garnier 2-in-1 Eye Make Up Remover* ($10.99CDN, 125ml) made its way into my mail box and I was intrigued by its promise of protecting and strengthening my lashes with Arginine. Its suppose to effectively remove makeup without rubbing but I did not find this to be true. Though bi-phased and with a good amount of oil, it had a hard time with my waterproof liners and mascara. I'd rather just keep using my Lancome Bi-Facil which leaves a oilier feel but it really does work.

sephora sleeping mask green tea, ginseng, pearl, lotus, rose, honey

These Sephora Sleep Masks* from their Christmas sample box set have been staring me in the eye for so long. I just can't get into them partly because I haven't smooth on a non-sheet mask in so long, I've become a sissy who is afraid of the 'mess' these might make. I've been going through my sheet masks (especially the For Beloved Ones) though so it might take a while before I try these. I'm supposed to just leave these on before I sleep? I haven't read the info on these yet. Bad blogger...

Daily Zen: I'm absolutely loving this post from make up artist, Linda Hallberg on Instragram vs High Fashion Makeup. Finesse is key! I'm really not into the super baked, highly contoured make up that is 'popular' right now. Give me balance and a fresh face any day :)


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