Saturday 19 March 2016

Those MAC Shadows (Favorite Eyeshadows from MAC)

Favorite MAC eyeshadows

Learning that MAC has dropped the prices for their shadow pans (From $12CDN to $8CDN) had me browsing the online aisles for the rest of the shadows I had always wanted. Half my mind was on the fact, that actually...MAC isn't my favorite and yet the brand has such a stronghold on what I think of as "good quality" that it is hard to remember that I reach for other options more often. In comparison to my MUFE shadows, MAC doesn't always compared and yet makeup is so synonymous with MAC that it's hard not to covet their items.

Its not difficult to see why there is constant excitement around the brand. MAC does an amazing job of keeping interests high with each teaser for their latest (and increasingly frequent) limited edition launches. Some launch items fall short and that has seemed to be the norm recently, if online popular reviews are anything to go by. I used to follow those PR releases so closely and plan out what I would want but now I'm less inclined to pull the trigger unless something really stands out.

There are a few things that do twig my interest; the extra dimension shadows were something I instantly had to dive into. These shadows are truly amazing and I regret nothing about mass buying 8 all at once. NOTHINGS. I get that near orgasmic aaaahhh moment when I used these foiled.

Taking in the regular line of MAC shadows though, there are a few favorites which are worthing mentioning. You may want to consider these shades if taking advantage of the price drop. I'm sure more than a few beauty online denizens will be in agreement with my choices:

MAC Satellite Dreams, Da Bling, Cranberry, Woodwink, Amberlights, and Contrast swatches

Satellite Dreams, Da Bling, Cranberry, Woodwink, Amberlights and Contrast.

As for my own list, I'm thinking of perhaps picking up:

1. Coppering
2. Antiqued
3. Brule or some other highlight shade
4. A dark outer corner shade

and here was when I opened the palette that housed all my MAC shadows and noticed:

MUFE empty palette filled with MAC, Inglot and NYX

1. There's absolutely no room for anything more.
2. I'm going to die before I finish all the shadows I own.

Thank goodness for small reminders but I hope the rest of you are happily indulging in a few new color additions to your stash!

Picking up any shadows from MAC?


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