Wednesday 30 March 2016

Comparison: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer and Ultra HD Concealer*

*Press sample

I've been using the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer since forever. It was the first concealer I've purchased; it has been with me since Day 1. The only natural thing to do when I tried the new Ultra HD Concealer* ($32CDN, 0.23oz) was to compare it to my old stand by. 

The Ultra HD Concealer comes in 10 shades; conceal and correct. It is supposed to be invisible, luminous and comfortable. Its main focus is work on dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.  Lamellar structure pigments reflect and diffuse light. Green algae, amino acids and Asian berry extra stimulate collagen productions. 3D elastomer gel reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Honestly, I'm thinking I should do all my reviews in charts. It has made this post amazingly easy. See below for the comparison. 

Full CoverUltra HD
Product DescriptionAn ultra long-lasting, oil-free, waterproof, concealer that provides full coverage with a matte finish.ULTRA HD Concealer covers dark circles, unifies the eye contour and hides signs of fatigue, leaving a smooth luminous flawless finish.
ShadeSand 7 matches well with my NC20 skintone. I can use this shade all year round.Y23 for light-medium skintone is too light for my skin, unless my main concern was just to brighten. This is similar to how I felt about the Full Cover in 6.
Price/Oz$37CDN/0.5oz = $74CDN/oz$32CDN/0.23oz = $139CDN/oz
TextureA lightly thick cream consistency which isn't heavy. When applied, it still maintains its cream texture.When squeezed out, a more fluid, near liquid consistency but when applied it isn't thin.
Creasing Under the EyesBecause of the texture, this can crease under the eyes, especially during the summer. The trick appears to be powdering over it or being light handed when application.I haven't noticed consistent creasing yet. This is primarily due to how light this texture is. I think it has only creased on me, once, maybe.
LongevityUsually after a long day, I feel like this needs to be freshened up maybe. Its not a must though and it still looked good.This lasted well during the day. Since it wasn't quite the right color I wasn't super satisifed with the coverage as the day wore on but if you get the right shade, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with it lasting. I didn't really notice it fading too badly.

Under Eye CoverageThis covers my under eye circles completely. My circles aren't extremely dark but they are dark enough that concealer makes a noticeable awakening difference.This is a very brightning shade which doesn't have enough opacity to fully cover my dark circles. It brightens the area well though. I can get away with just a layer of this but I can tell that its still a little dark/grey.

Pimple/Scar CoverageThis covers discolouration quite well. For darker scars, I will apply a layer or two and this does the job. Multiple layers doesn't leave too much of a cakey feeling; it does take a lot for that to happen. For raised pimples, this covers the redness but won't do much to hide the flaking or raised skin (can anything?).

Since the color is so brightening, this wasn't a good shade to use for covering pimples or scars since it drew attention to that area. Keep in mind, this isn't the main use for this product though. I like the light texture though.
Overall/PreferenceI like both of these for different reasons but if I only had one, it would still be the Full Cover. I can achieve the brightening effect of the Ultra HD with other less expensive products and though its texture is wonderfully light and smooths on extremely well, the price point makes this hard to swallow. I've had my one tube of Full Cover forever and it lasts multiple years with just under eye and occasional pimple coverage. It really can be full cover. Both do well in photos but Ultra HD's brightness edges out the Full Cover by just a hair.

Hope that was helpful!


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