Wednesday 9 March 2016

Cheeks by WetnWild (ft. Megaglo Contouring and Illuminating Palettes*)

wet n wld Megaglo Contouring and Illuminating Palettes

I like the idea of using a range of products from one brand only. But I also like dabbling in many different things all at once and I don't ofte see how well partnered a brand's products are to each other. Being able to do a full cheek with two WetnWild products was a nice treat and I enjoyed comparing how the Megaglo Illuminating Palette (Catwalk Pink)* and Contouring Palette (Caramel Toffee)* complimented each other.

wet n wild megaglo Contouring Palette caramel toffee

The Megaglo Contouring Palette (Caramel Toffee)* ($5USD, ) claims to have blendable, buildable color. It incorporates a deeper defining color with a lighter highlighting shade to achieve flawless sculpting easily. There are two shade options and I received Caramel Toffee, the darker version.

wet n wild Megaglo Illuminating Palette catwalk pink

The Megaglo Illuminating Palette (Catwalk Pink)* ($5USD) promises four sparkly illuminating shades, used individually or mixed to produce an iridescent shimmer. It claims to be easily blendable.

wet n wild Megaglo Contouring and Illuminating Palettes caramel toffee catwalk pink swatch

The brown in the Contouring Palette is slightly too red toned as a contour. This would make a better bronzer shade for me. It can still work as a contour depending on your coloration. The lighter highlight shade was a little bit brightening and reminded me a paler version of Ben Nye's Banana Powder. I used it to set my under eye but it's effect isn't that strong. 

The shades of Catwalk Pink have varying degrees of performance. I haven't tried them separately since the white is too stark and some of the shades aren't very opaque. Blended, the colors give a sparkly illumination that leans warm and slightly pink-champagne. Don't be on glitter alert though, the sparkles are fine enough to avoid a kindergarten glitter disaster look. Even though my preferences are not to over-highlight, I applied two layers to get the glow I wanted.

WetnWild Megaglo Contouring and Illuminating Palettes Look

Wetnwild Megaglo Contouring and Illuminating Palettes

I circled where I've placed the brown in the Contouring Palette and the blended Illuminating Palette just in case it wasn't evident. 

WetnWild Megaglo Illuminating Palette Catwalk Pink

A major downside of both these products is how easily they kick up powder. Even if I'm not swiping the brush in the pan and merely pressing, I get huge amounts of kick-up. If you swirl your brush into the Illuminating Palette, you will have a mess later. 

These both achieve the blendability claimed. I over applied the Contour shade but was able to buff out the edges quickly. The Illuminating powder feels a little less blendable in general because the sparkles get spread around more when the base sheen is buffed out. So it is blendable but there's a negative side effect of doing so. Still though, if you're not too heavy handed the sheen can be well placed and managed.  

The formula and shade choices of these two products are complimentary. I felt quite comfortable reaching for these two and using them together (shade of the contour aside). I'm a bit torn to recommend these because of the powder kick up and color choice. The powders are quite smooth on the face and really do blend well though so I wish the shade worked better for me.

Do you prfer using complimentary products from one brand, or using a product independent or brand?


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