Tuesday 10 November 2015

OK, It Works (Really Well) - Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler*

kiss instawave curling iron review

I like my hair. I like my hair short. But sometimes (just sometimes) I wish I had long flowing hair that I could style every which way or into curls (and I know that David wishes that too). I received the Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler* ($69.95 CDN at Walmart) at a press function and was instantly skeptical. I was ready to call out "gimmick!" and set it aside but the Kiss reps told me that it the curler would work for short hair too

I figured, OK I'll watch the video. I'll give this a try. Maybe this will work...

kiss instawave curling iron review

The (huge) box sat in my closet for a month or so until I finally decided to put in the effort and I'm really happy with the results. I didn't get super awesome perfect hollywood curls on my first go and I was pretty worried about:
1) burning myself
2) tangled hair
but everything worked out great!

kiss instawave curling iron review

Basically the video tells you turn the curler on, hold the curler vertically near the root of your hair, press the direction button for your preferred direction of curl and once your hair is all within the curler, hold for eight seconds and remove.

There are a whole bunch of specs for this thing. It turn off automatically in 90 mins. It uses "Diamond-Ceramic Technology". It can turn both left and right and has a high and low heat setting. Etc Etc.

kiss instawave curling iron review

What I learned from one of my first self-curling attempts in a long long while:
1) You can still potentially get burned (no surprise, its a hot iron guys...) but I didn't singe myself.

2) You should pick the direction of your curl before hand. It took me a long time to figure out that curling the same piece of hair multiple times in multiple directions doesn't work.

3) Seperating out your hair first is a good idea (I got some clumps that were curled and some that were not and so I had to keep going over some areas).

4) Your hair can get tangled...but not super-stuck-in-curler type tangled. The curler goes quite slowly and you can adjust the speed by pulsing the directional buttons lightly. A little jiggle loosens anything that was a little stuck (nothing was ever seriously jammed).

5) Gerry mentioned that hers makes a whiny electric sound. Mine did that as well when I plugged it in. Its just the current going through the wires. A little annoying but whatever.

Any negative results that came with using this product has seriously been due to my own user error (because I made a lot of errors). And yet it still looked good at the end.

kiss instawave curling iron review

kiss instawave curling iron review

When I got it figured out, I was really happy with my curls! And it curled my shorter hair length! It did a good job on the back-sides of my head too but the back-middle of my the hair is at different lengths so that couldn't really be done.

kiss instawave curling iron review

Seriously this was so easy! I showed David the above photo (and told him that I was going to take a shower before he came home so he wouldn't get to see it in person) and he said I looked great (then told me I couldn't cut my hair ever). Pfft whatever, I haven't gotten a cut in 4 months...its about time. Even so, since I never go too too short in the front, I'm really looking forward to using the Kiss InstaWave a lot.

Have you loved something that you thought would be too gimmicky to be good?


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