Monday 16 November 2015

AmorePacific CC Cushion Compact - 104 and 204*

*Press Sample

I've waited a long time to try out a cushion compact because I'm still getting through a lot of my foundations (and have given some away) but when you can sent an email asking if you're interested to test out AMOREPACIFIC's Color Control Cushion Compact* ($72CDN, 1x15ml)...welll, you don't say no.

The line is launching a new, and their lightest, shade in 102 Light Pink but since that was too light and pink for me, I tested out 104 Tan Blush (Light/Medium Pink) and 204 Tan Gold (Light/Medium Yellow) instead. 

The compact comes in two portions of 15ml foundation soaked cushions. One is already inside the compact and another air sealed waiting for use. Instructions on changing the cushions are included. 

This cushion compact replaces water as the main ingredient with bamboo sap for deep moisturization that won't leave your skin feeling greasy. The foundation is supposed to fill in microlines, to build on evenly and to bright skin and prevent irritation. The puff is cooling and anti-microbial. The finished is supposed to have light/medium coverage with a natural and  luminous finish.

When I swatched both 104  and 204 they looked almost exactly  the same on my arm. It was very hard for me to see the tonal difference between the two. They both looked darker and more orange than what I needed. When applied, both blended into my skin color well and I couldn't tell the difference between the two shades when I put one on the left, and the other on the right, side of my face. However, I walked into Sephora and the ladies were able to see a slight tonal difference and suggested that the 104 shade (which is supposed to lean more pink) suited me better than 204 (which they said was just slightly too tan for my skin). I used 104  for the post photos. The After photo shows that the color matches well but it is more pink than my skin (though for actual use, it doesn't really matter and no one really noticed).

Application and Coverage:
I applied this by dabbing the RT Expert Face brush straight into the cushion and have also used the sponge provided. If you swipe, you will get lighter coverage. To have slightly more coverage, apply this using a rolling motion, either with your brush or with the sponge. I didn't find this too much of a medium coverage foundation. You can see that it evens out my skin coloring but it doesn't take away the darker pigmentation areas on the right (your left) side of my face. Oh, also, it didn't really play well with dry areas.

I've worn this on multiple occasions for periods between 2-6hours. After application and in the first few minutes I noticed how luminous my skin looked. I prefer more semi-matte finished but I found myself enjoying the freshness it gave my skin. However I noticed every dip and pore was made more noticable because of the way light reflected on my skin when I turned or moved. Didn't like that so much and powdering down only helped a little. 

This dries down, which for something so fluid, is a plus and not always a feature of foundations (the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation for example always leaves foundation on my tissues if I blow my nose or on my fingers if I touch my face). It had a light feel on my skin but after a lengthier day, I still had the 'must get foundation off my face' feel. I was noticeably more greasy and feeling more greasy so oily members of the crowd may want to avoid this.

I liked how this initially felt on my skin. I liked how cooling the liquid was on my skin. I didn't mind the shade match though it wasn't quite perfect and I even enjoyed testing out a more luminous finish foundation which, had it not emphasizes my pores, might have converted me to thinking that luminous finish foundations are OK. I didn't like that I was more oily than I felt I should have been after a mid-length day even though I had powdered down slightly. The pores and the longevity are the only downsides to this product.

$72CDN for 30ml of foundations is probably the most expensive foundation I've ever used and it wasn't miles better than some of the others I've tried. Since AMOREPACIFIC is primarily a skincare brand, you are probably paying for some great quality ingredients and a bit too for the name. If you have dry skin, like luminous finishes (or want to experiment with one for the first time), and have $72 to spend, then this might work for you wonderfully. If you're oily, you may want to avoid this unless you don't mind touching up or powdering once or twice during the day.

Favorite cushion compact?


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