Saturday 28 November 2015

OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Polish Collection*

*Press Sample

The OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 LE Polishes* ($11.50CDN each) have landed in stores and this year's theme draws from the stars and the range is full of glittery and cosmic inspired shades.

OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection
OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection
OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection

OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection

Atypical of the holiday reds and golds, the shades really channel the 'starlight' concept. The silvers are icy and the blues bring to mind galaxies. Some of the more interesting finishes like Is This Star Taken? and  Super Star Status are perfectly suited for space royalty.

Here are nail swatches of some colors I thought were more interesting.

OPI - Cosmo with a Twist and Ce-less-tial is More

Cosmo with a Twist: This is the perfect galaxy shade. An iridescent dark purple shade with fine bright navy and purple glitters, there is a lot of color complexity in this one. Two coats are necessary though as the clear base makes for patchy application.

Ce-less-tial is More: I love these types of glitter nail polishes. Slightly pink and nude with fine silver glitter, this one applied really well and there was no glitter picking. Glitters like these are perfect on their own and really jazz up a color when used as a top coat. (I usually get the names of their shades...but this one, I can't quite figure you get it?)

OPI - I'm in the Moon for Love and By the Light of the Moon

I'm in the Moon for Love: This metallic grape shade went on quite well with one coat and if I were in a lazy mood, I would have walked out without doing a second.

By the Light of the Moon: This shade is so interesting. Very fine silver glitters pick up the light when your hands turn but there is an almost marbled or beaten metal type base that makes this look almost like stone.

OPI - Press * for Silver and Infrared-y to Glow

Press * for Silver: I didn't use to like the idea of rose golds but have been coming around. This is slightly more rosey silver. It looked great against my skin tone and I think its supremely wearable. The polish applied with some streaking but after two coats it looked fine.

Infrared-y to Glow: I had high hopes for this chunky pink near-chevroned glitter polish but there was just too much glitter picking with this shade and I didn't quite get the look of the sample swatch.
OPI - No More Mr. Night Sky and Two Wrongs Don't Make A Meteorite

No More Mr. Night Sky: This shade needed some heavy application to get the opaque darkened silver look of the sample swatch. I like the shade but am not in complete love.

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Meteorite: Again, I had high hopes for this chunky pink and grey parallelogram glitter polish. Chunky glitters are so hard to do and this one was only so-so for application. I really like the color  and glitter combination and the pink tone though.

OPI Constellation Chic - An Affair in Red Sqaure, Mod About You, By the Light of the Moon

If you're thinking of doing some gifting with this collection, OPI has come out with the Constellation Chic Set* which includes An Affair in Red Square, Mod About You and By the Light of the Moon. Nail crystals from Swarovski make this a manicure ready pack to gift.

What type of nail shades do you wear for the holidays?


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