Friday 6 November 2015

SPF Everything!

avon beyond color lipsticks spf 15 in the buff heat wave bitten review swatch

During my trip to Asia I didn't wear a lot of makeup because I knew that 40C weather with a humidity of 90% was a 'no-makeup' zone for me. Thick paint of make up? No thank! Sweat mixing in with my foundation? Gross. My preference hinged on two truths: puddles produced from the makeup that has slid off your face and more importantly the crispy skin look from sun burns is not attractive.  Truthfully, in such weather, sun protection is infinitely more important to me than 'looking pretty' but I was still happy to find that I could wear some lip color since the Maybelline Baby Lips have SPF 15. 

 I still find it difficult to find a light weight, tinted, moisturizing lip product with SPF and I really wish more companies would create such products. Though I have yet to really delve into Avon, I have to say I'm pleased that they have their Avon Beyond Color SPF 15 Lipsticks* ($12CDN, 3g).

avon beyond color lipsticks spf 15 in the buff heat wave bitten review swatch

The Avon Beyond Color Lipsticks* are formulated with SPF 15 (Octinoxate 7.5%), jojoba oil, caffeine and pomegranate extract in a satin finish. They have a nice glide when smoothed on the lips and offer opaque color.

avon beyond color lipsticks spf 15 in the buff review swatch

In the Buff is a warm nude.

avon beyond color lipsticks spf 15  heat wave review swatch

Heat Wave is a cool coral shade which seems suitable for Spring or Summer time. It didn't settle into my lip lines as much as In the Buff but did cling to dry areas.

avon beyond color lipsticks spf 15 bitten review swatch

Bitten is a cool leaning purple fuchsia. Like the other shades, it is opaque in one swipe. I felt like there was a higher risk of lipstick migration with this shade so some liner might be necessary to contain it.
I took a look at the other colors online and the collection is about 14 colors strong. Its hard to tell from the internet photos themselves but it looks like most of the colors are pretty 'safe'. There are a few MLBB shades, some brownish nudes, and a couple of reds.

In general, these glided on well, were opaque and leave quite a stain which helps with color longevity. However they do accentuate dry areas and can slide into lip lines. They don't feel drying and I'm really happy that these have SPF 15 in them but I would have like a slightly more lightweight formula.

Do you know any good lipsticks with SPF?

Daily Zen: Speaking of sunscreen, is there nothing left that won't impact the environment? The use of oxybenzone is killing our coral reefs...maybe a good reason to considering switching to physical blockers.


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