Sunday 22 November 2015

Strange Conclusions with Thierry Mugler's Alien*

*Press sample
thierry mugler alien eau de parfum perfume review

An application of Thierry Mugler's Alien* ($96CDN, 30ml/ $98CDN for the 40ml LE 10th Anniversary Bottle) is nothing less than a bazaar scent experience. The amethyst inspired bottle houses an Oriental Woody fragrance that is as foreign as its name.
thierry mugler alien eau de parfum perfume review

Jasmine, woodsy notes and amber appear familiar but when mixed into Alien, the combination is mysterious, the scent is unique and the result is seductive. The combination is also hard to decipher. Its deep and there is a floral alluring quality but there is also a touch of bitterness buried between the notes.

thierry mugler alien eau de parfum perfume review

There is no hiding from Alien. Sprayed on my body, it transposed itself into my cotton shirt, remained there overnight, and perfumed my body again when I clothed myself in the morning. When worn, I smell amazingly different or interestingly weird and that has an appeal. But it is a fragrance that can overpower a personality and will permeate an environment. It brings everyone into its aura, supplicants and hostages alike.

Alien, it is a powerful beast. And only the most distinctive of individuals might be worthy of donning and mastering such a singular scent.

Have you tried a scent that you couldn't quite figure out?


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